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advanta Internet provides responsive web design and bespoke web development from its offices in Newbury, Berkshire.At We use a structured approach to web site development, integration projects and web site re-designs. This starts with a business analysis phase, where we familiarise ourselves with your business and turn your business objectives into technical requirements. Depending on the scale of the project, this phase is usually free of charge and allows us to create a project proposal and quotation. For larger projects we can also help with building a business case and project mandate.

We use formal project management processes to deliver your project. However, these are tailored according to the size and complexity of your project to ensure delivery to time, cost and quality, whilst minimising any unnecessary over-head. Where requirements are not fully defined, especially with respect to the web site appearance, we can also adapt the methodology and take an agile approach. This allows quick project start-ups and rapid prototyping of web site designs.

We develop well structured code, that is search engine friendly and optimised for your customer searches. Additionally, we are able to integrate web sites with backend systems and Social Media. All our web sites are thoroughly tested across multiple web browsers, screen resolution and devices. We maintain communication throughout the development process, so you will be fully engaged and able to track the progress of your project and provide feedback along the way.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design

Driven by the rapid evolution of affordable smart phones, tablets and phablets and widely available high speed data connectivity via 3G/4G mobile networks and public WiFi hot spots, 2014 will see mobile web site browsing over take desktop web site browsing for the first time. This has a significant bearing on web site design and development given the different screen resolutions (sizes) that a customer may use and the different circumstances a user may be visiting your web site. Many existing web sites are not ready for the mobile revolution, but advanta Internet can make sure your web site is able to take advantage of this new source of visitors.

Using modern web development technologies, (such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javasript and PHP) advanta Internet provides responsive web site designs that automatically adapt according to the device the web site is being viewed upon. In many cases the layout of the web site design adapts to suit the size of the device screen and screen orientation. However, in some cases the mobile use case may be significantly different to the desktop use case and the design may also adapt to offer different page content and or different priority to navigation. For example, for a shop's web site, a desktop or tablet user is likely to be more interested in searching and browsing items, in respect to a future or online purchase. However, a mobile user is more likely to be looking for the shop's address or opening hours.

SEO Built-in

SEO Built In

Of course SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an on-going process: search engines change their ranking algorithms regularly and over time insights into customer behaviour allows for tweaks to be made to your web site. However, SEO needs to be carefully considered from the outset of development and embedded in your web site's design. Our design approach considers both on-page SEO aspects, as well as tools for monitoring SEO on an on-going basis.

Part of our requirements capturing process will include identify key words and phrases that your customers will use in search engines, to locate your web site. These are used to generate tags that can be seen by search engine crawlers and bots and allow them to correctly index your web site pages. We also use the key words to construct the page title, headers and page copy to ensure that the right balance between key words and phrases and other text is met. If you haven't already chosen your domain name, we can advise on this too.

Traditionally, most search engine algorithms have measured web site popularity and trust through evaluation of back links, (links from external sites to your web site). However, today social media plays an important role in this too and we will advise on how best to integrate your web site design with social media platforms. Where appropriate, integration with geographic platforms, such as Google Maps or Bing Places for Business, will be discussed. In addition to SEO good practice we can advise on techniques to avoid and that can lead to your web site being black listed by search tools or your ranking penalised. These include the use of third-party links farms.

Finally, as part of the delivery we will promote your site with key search engines, to make them aware of your new or updated web site.

Bespoke Design or Off The Shelf Packages

Web Design Packages

advanta Internet offers bespoke web development and design for SMEs. Our approach starts with understanding your needs, so that work can be priced according to your specific requirements, design approach and timescales. Please use the form below to request an initial, no-obligation consultation.

For those companies looking for a smaller, simpler web site, advanta Internet also offers a number of off the shelf, fixed price packages, that can be purchased from our online store.


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