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These days it seems that every one and his dog (sometimes literally) is on social media. This may not be strictly true, but Facebook now has an incredible 1.23 billion monthly active global users and Twitter over 241 million monthly active users. Not only are the number of social media users increasing, but the amount of time spent on social networking sites is also increasing.

A recent study by Linkedin reports that 81% of businesses in the US are now on social media. In the UK, our experience shows that this figure is lower. However, the fact is the number of businesses using social networking sites to market themselves is rapidly growing and it is likely that more than half your competitors are already on social media or planning to be soon. We believe that an effective social media strategy should form part of any company's online strategy and provides a very cost effective marketing tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Finding Potential Customers

Often one of the biggest challenges for a business is finding new customers. Traditional advertising and marketing methods can be expensive and with no guarantee of success, often do not provide a good return on investment. Given the large number of users on social networks every month, having your business on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or some other social media platforms can be a very cost effective and powerful marketing tool.

Social Media has an incredible reach. Each person on a social medium platform is connected to a number of other people, (their network) and these people in turn connected to a number of others and so on. Therefore, for every person that you connect to exposes your business to their extended network of friends and contacts.

Customer Relationship Management

Repeat business and up-selling to existing customers, normally forms a percentage of any business's turn over. Social media provides an ideal platform to build relationships with existing customers and to promote new and improved services and products. Social network sites also offer the opportunity to gather customer feedback and gain insights for new product development.

Social Networking & SEO

Social Networking SEO

Effective SEO drives additional traffic to your web site, however, this alone is not the point of SEO. The purpose of search engine optimisation is to drive additional sales and unfortunately this is very often overlooked. With an effective online strategy, the additional visitors that result from higher search engine ranking are converted into paying customers. This is achieved by providing visitors with good user experience and a belief in your brand - both a well designed web site and effective integration with social media sites contribute to this experience.

In recent years search engine algorithms have started to analyse social media interactions ("Social Signals") as ranking factors. Social Signals include Facebook shares, Facebook likes, number of Twitter followers, the number of tweets referencing your company or brand and the number of Goggle Plus +1s and Google+ circle members. As search engine algorithms continue to evolve the number and influence of Social Signals considered is highly likely to increase. Through an effective SEO strategy applied across your website and on your social media sites your business will become reputable in the eyes of the search engine algorithms.

advanta Internet offers Social Media Services that deliver an integrated approach between your organisation’s website and your social media marketing campaigns, to deliver a successful online strategy.

Social Media Services

Social Media Campaigns

In addition to on and off-page SEO (that includes Social Media) advanta Internet offers the following Social Network services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Targeted Marketing

A social media presence may provide sufficient exposure for your business through organic searches, social bookmarking and customer recommendations on social networking sites. However, many social media platforms also provide very targeted marketing opportunities, offered on a pay per click basis. advanta Internet can assist with social media ad campaigns.

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