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Professional Services

advanta Internet offers a range of professional services, including programme and project management. These not only support the delivery of internet projects, but can be purchased as standalone services. We also have a track record in delivering multi-million pound projects and programmes of work in the IT/Telecoms sector.

We have significant experience delivering, integrating and upgrading OSS (Operational Support Systems), NMS (Network Management Systems), CEM (Customer Experience Management) BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics systems. Our consultants’ experience of working within both supplier and operator organisations, combined with an in-depth knowledge of industry standard tools and processes, best practice and market trends enables us to offer a range of services to fulfil your delivery and transformational projects and programmes and operational needs.

Project Management

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We provide project managers to ensure delivery of your projects to time, quality and budget. We work on site with your staff and suppliers, using industry standard project delivery methodologies (such as Prince 2). Our service covers all areas of the project life cycle: from initiation, through delivery, transition to live and on to project close down. Where required we can offer additional services from our portfolio to ensure a turnkey delivery, managing your third party suppliers.

For web development projects, advanta Internet assigns project managers to manage the delivery of from start to finish. They will work with you and your business to ensure that the end product meets your initial requirements, and more importantly your expectations. However, advanta Internet also provides project management, as a consultancy service.

The methodology that we use is PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments), which is a de facto process-based method for effective project management. It was developed by the UK Government, but now widely used across the world. Using PRINCE2 provides greater control of resources, and the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively.

The other advantage of PRINCE2 is that it is highly adaptable and can be tailored to the environment that it is being used within. This flexibility allows PRINCE2 to be used for web development projects and for delivering projects in our other areas of expertise - within the IT and Telecoms sectors. Our consultants frequently work within organisations where the PRINCE2 methodology has been adapted by the business and we are able work effectively within that modified framework. Additionally, this same flexibility allows the project management to be appropriately scaled according to the size and complexity of the project. This means that projects are managed effectively, without the project management becoming an un-necessary overhead.

Managing Successful Programmes


advanta Internet is fully qualified and experienced at introducing complex technology infrastructure and delivering technology transformation programmes of work. Our staff have managed multi-million programmes of work, (up to €75M), often across multiple countries.

Our clients include a tier one international Mobile Operator, for whom we have delivered several programmes of work. These include the deployment of CEM (Customer Experience Management) software and associated infrastructure, across 16 countries; and the development and deployment of a mobile application, backend servers and associated operational processes across 20 countries to 40 thousand internal users.

advanta Internet takes a structured approach to Programme Management and over the years has put together a toolkit to drive programmes efficiently to ensure corporate visions are captured in blueprints, outcomes are achieved and that there is a successful delivery of change. Our programme managers are either APMG MSP Practitioners or Advanced Practitioners.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) was developed as a best practice guide on Programme Management. The guide comprises a set of Principles and a set of Processes for use when managing a programme. MSP is a proven programme management framework that has been adopted globally by a large number of businesses and organisations. It is very flexible and designed to be adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances and successfully deliver transformational change. Our consultants have many years experience delivering such programmes, based on this framework.

System Design, Software Engineering & System Integration

Web Design Packages

advanta Internet has significant experience in system design, development and delivery. This experience has been predominantly gained within the Telecoms sector in the areas of:

In addition to Programme and Project Managers we offer Solution Architects, Developers, Integrators and Test Managers.

Development capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Where appropriate we can productise our deliveries and provide licensed and maintained solutions. An example of this is our PIM (Performance Information Management) Suite, a collection of tools for interchange of performance management data formats and KPI management, marketed through The KPI Company

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